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Crown Lifting Kent

The removal of the lowest branches and getting ready of lower branches for future removal. Great for allowing more light into a house. Provides clearance above roads, footpaths and smaller outbuildings such as sheds and garages.

Crown Thinning Kent

Thinning allows more light to feed the crown, reduces wind amount of resistance and can decrease the weight of heavy branches. Crown thinning includes crown cleaning- removing inactive, dying, diseased, crossing, packed and weakly fastened branches.

Pollarding Kent

Pollarding can be an powerful form of tree management. It’s a way of pruning that continues trees smaller than they might naturally grow. Annual/Bi-annual pollarding will restrict the tree to the established size.

Crown Reduction Kent

Complete reduction of the size of the tree by removal of the external crown to make a smaller canopy. This is specialist work, usually no more than 30% of the canopy should be removed unless there are safeness considerations.
tree surgeon around Kent

About Us…

We are fully trained, fully experienced & talented (we like to think). Our tree team are incredibly skilled, experienced, and pride themselves in effort and safety. Undergoing strict safeness training frequently. Fully Professional and fully covered with insurance. Our tree surgery team work diligently to ensure our customers needs are satisfied to the best degree with an emphasis on quality. We stand behind our work with pride.

Our company gets the resources, knowledge, experience, and capability to get any tree service related job completed with total satisfaction for our clients. We’ve a simple technique for employees and customers alike, with an emphasis on treating others as you would want others to treat you.